It was back in 1987 that the Bruntland Commission defined Sustainable Development as being development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future governments to meet their own needs. These are no longer mere words. The Climate Change Act and the practice of requiring sustainability in public procurement contracts clearly show that the traditional models of development have to change.

At Fenwick Elliott we understand the new green landscape and recognise that sustainability is about striking a balance, understanding new legislation, applying the right standards and applying benchmarking. We have a comprehensive understanding of global sustainability legislation and the challenges it will present to your project – large or small.

New rules are regularly introduced worldwide to control the environmental impact of building projects. Many of these protocols directly affect ventures involving our clients.
Following the climate summits, our clients are facing a raft of new resolutions and ideas on climate change and sustainability. Yet with so many people offering different measures, it is often hard to arrive at a consensus.

Fenwick Elliott can not only save you time and money, we can also protect your reputation by ensuring your schemes fully comply with ever-evolving environmental requirements.

Advising an European contractor in relation to ongoing issues arising out of contracts for the design development, manufacture and supply of wind farm turbines, drive assemblers and related equipment for a number of off and on-shore wind farm projects.

Advising on the development of an education and resources facility in Sierra Leone.

The client, a government authority, sought help over claims brought by a contractor, under the FIDIC Orange book, following a dispute over a new environmental process facility. Fenwick Elliott represented the client during a number of hearings before the DAB.

A clear empathy for business objectives.
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