Monday, 11 January 2021

SLF Associates Inc v (1) HSBC (UK) Bank Plc & Ors


[2021] EWHC 5 (Ch)

The hearing in this matter took place remotely via Skype for Business on both audio and video. In the course of giving judgment, Master Kaye commented on the fact that after the hearing a screen shot image was circulated by one of the attendees. The Master drew the parties’ attention to s. 85C of the Courts Act 2003 which provides that it is an offence for a person to make or attempt to make an unauthorised recording or transmission of court proceedings. This includes images. The screen shot circulated was therefore an unauthorised recording or transmission of an image. The Master was clear that:

“The screen shot and/or any other recordings or screen shots taken of the hearing on 27 July 2020 are unauthorised recordings of court proceedings in breach of s.85C. Any person in possession of any unauthorised recording or image of the 27 July hearing should immediately delete it and ask anyone to whom they have sent it to do the same.”

A warning to anyone who takes part in a remote hearing. 

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