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Posted August 2, 2022 | Published in General

Roma Patel considers the new rigorous regime under the Building Safety Act with respect to new obligations and an increase in liability across the building sector since the Building Safety Bill received Royal Assent. 

Posted July 1, 2022 | Published in Dispute resolution

Ruth Leake considers the recent Court of Appeal case Abbey Healthcare (Mill Hill) Limited v Simply Construct (UK) LLP and the meaning of a “construction contract” under the HGCRA with respect to collateral warranties.

Posted June 9, 2022 | Published in Dispute resolution

Adele Parsons considers the Scottish case of Van Oord UK Limited v Dragados UK Limited, the circumstances when an adjudicator’s actions amount to a breach of natural justice, and the practical implications for adjudicators.

Posted May 16, 2022 | Published in Dispute resolution

Matthew Simson considers the case of Bexheat Limited v Essex Services Group Limited and whether a paying party’s immediate payment obligation trumps its entitlement to commence or rely upon a “true value” adjudication. 

Posted April 22, 2022 | Published in Dispute resolution

Laura Bowler considers the recent Court of Appeal case Steve Ward Services (UK) Limited v Davies & Davies Associates Limited and an adjudicator’s right to fees if they resign.

Posted April 6, 2022 | Published in Dispute resolution

With space activities continuing to gather interest and serious business activity, much has happened since the first edition in 2017 of Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and Practice.  In this blog, Nicholas Gould considers what’s new in the second edition, due for publication in April 2022, including a review of his chapter which deals with dispute resolution in relation to outer space activities.

Posted March 24, 2022 | Published in Contracts & documentation

With the battleground set for disputes over inflated prices and delays, Lucinda Robinson considers what parties can do to defend their positions under existing contracts and how to arm themselves for future conflict in contracts being negotiated now.